Skin Rash Caused by Soap


Most people use a perfumed, commercially produced soap to cleanse their skin. Unfortunately, using soaps that contain harsh chemicals and fragrances can sometimes cause skin rashes.


  • Soaps that contain harsh chemicals can cause the skin to become red and inflamed, appearing like a sunburn on the skin.


  • Chemicals in soap can cause the skin to become overly dry, which can result in moderate to severe itching on the skin.

Peeling Skin

  • When the skin reacts poorly to the ingredients in soap, the skin can become chapped and peel. This can lead to flaking of the skin.


  • A severe rash caused by soap can cause the skin to blister. These hives can be severe and should be looked at by a doctor.


  • The skin can become inflamed and swollen when it reacts poorly to the ingredients in soap. If swelling is severe, seek medical attention.

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