Washer Toss Game Rules


Washer toss games are frequently played at tailgate parties and backyard picnics. There are several variations of washer toss based on the number of holes players try to toss their washers into. The general rules are very similar for these variations, with the differences coming into play when scoring the washers at the end of each round.

Number of Players

  • Washer toss can be played with two or four players. In a two-player game, the players compete against each other. In the four-player game, the players form two teams of two players each. One score is kept for each team instead of scoring individually in the four-player version.

Three-Hole Washer Toss Scoring

  • If you are playing with a three-hole washer toss board, you can score one, three or five points for landing a washer in a hole. The closest hole to the tosser is worth one point. The middle hole is worth three points. And the farthest is worth five points. A washer must land completely in the hole to count. Leaning on the side scores zero points.

One-Hole Washer Toss Scoring

  • If you are playing washer toss with one hole, scoring is similar to horseshoes. Landing a washer in the hole scores three points. Any team with a washer inside of the wooden box forming the boundary of the scoring area receives a point.

Canceling Points

  • If players land the same number of washers in the same hole in any variation of washer toss, neither player scores the points. In the one-hole variation, players can cancel out their opponent's scoring for landing inside the scoring box by tossing their own washer in the scoring box.

Winning The Game

  • Players compete until one player or team scores 21 points. It is not necessary to win by at least two points. To win, you must score 21 points exactly. If a team exceeds 21 points on their turn, their score reverts to what it was before that round began.


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