CoQ10 Dangers


CoEnzyme Q10 is a popular supplement for healthy heart function, however, the American Heart Association has not yet recommended that people take it for that purpose. More studies are needed to confirm the benefits.


  • CoEnzyme Q10 is an enzyme that facilitates cell metabolism through the use of oxygen. Without this enzyme, cells wouldn't be able to produce energy quickly enough to meet the body's needs.


  • CoQ10 supplements usually are odorless gel tablets, encased in gelatin or beeswax. They typically come in amounts between 100 mg and 300 mg.


  • It's not recommended that you take CoQ10 if you have heart disease or are pregnant or nursing.

Side Effects

  • Higher dosages (600 mg to 1200 mg per day) can cause headache, heartburn, fatigue, stomach upset and increased involuntary movements.


  • Diabetics and people on prescription medications should consult their physicians before taking CoEnzyme 10 supplements, because of possible interaction.


  • There are no established dosage guidelines for adults, and CoEnzyme 10 supplements are not regulated by the FDA.


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