Types of Teen Violence


Teen violence is a serious issue. The violent patterns exhibited by a teen can increase in frequency and severity over time. Teens who exhibit any violent behaviors should be seen by a mental health provider such as a family counselor.

Physical Violence

  • Teens might become physically violent toward adults, other teens, themselves, inanimate objects or animals. Physical violence includes inflicting physical pain or damage.

Dating Violence

  • Dating violence includes the physical, verbal, emotional and sexual violence that can take place during a romantic relationship. Teens who fight with, bully, tease, strike or force sex upon their girlfriends are committing dating violence.

Predatory Violence

  • Teens might engage in predatory violence, especially if they are with a group of other teens. Predatory violence includes gang-related attacks, robberies, muggings, kidnapping and possibly group murders. Predatory violence is typically committed by teens with anti-social behavior problems.

Situational Violence

  • Situational violence is violence that occurs during a time of stress for the violent teen. Situational stressors might include poverty, extreme heat, social issues, medical conditions, drug use and any other situation that causes stress for a teen.

Relational Violence

  • Teens who lash out or become violent as a result of relationship-related stressors are committing relational violence. Parents who abuse each other, arguments with friends and family, rebellion of authority and any relationship that creates stress for a teen can be the reason for violence.


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