Normal Range of the Human Pulse Rate


Pulse rate refers to vibration in an artery produced by the heart's action, and counted in beats per minute. Human pulse rates vary depending on such factors as age, gender, emotional state, level of physical activity such as resting or after exercise, and overall physical condition.

Overall Range

  • Typical human resting pulse rates range from a low of 67 in individuals above age sixty to a high of 150 in unborn children, with the typical pulse rate gradually slowing throughout childhood. Well-conditioned athletes, however, may have resting pulse rates of about 55.

Gender Differences

  • Generally, males tend to have lower pulse rates than do females. The pulse rates of women tends about 5 to 10 beats per minute higher than those of men.

Average Pulse Rates for Adult Males

  • For adult men, the average pulse rate ranges from 67 to 80 depending on age. From age twenty one to age sixty the average range is 70 to 75; after age 60 the range widens to 67 to 80.

Average Pulse Rates for Adult Females

  • The average range for adult women calculates out to about 75 to 85 until age sixty and from 72 to 90 after age sixty.

Other Factors Affecting Pulse Rate

  • Pulse rates fluctuate both with the individual's breathing rate as well as with body temperature above 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

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