Skeletal Parts of a Rabbit


There's a lot more to rabbits than meets the eye. If you're considering a rabbit as a pet or just trying to learn a more about rabbits in general, it's a good idea to educate yourself about their skeletal parts and structure.

Bone Names

  • There are 23 types of bones that make up a rabbit's skeleton: Cranium, scapula, spine, fibula, tibia, femur, ilium, sacrum, caudal vertebrae, calcaneus, tarsus, metatarsus, phalanges, ulna, ribs, radius, carpus, metacarpus, sternum, cervical vertebrae, atlas, mandible and maxilla.


  • In 1965, it was discovered 51 percent of a rabbit's skeleton is marrow, with 2/3 in the flat bones and 1/3 in the long bones.


  • Arthritis and osteoporosis is a common ailment for old rabbits, making it difficult for them to move around and care for themselves.


  • A rabbit's skeleton is less dense than that of a cat's, making up only 7 percent to 8 percent of its body mass, and can break easily from rough handling. Gentleness is a necessity when considering a rabbit. Never drop or squeeze a rabbit as broken backs and dislocated limbs are extremely common.

Diet and Exercise

  • Just like with your own body, a well-balanced diet of fresh vegetables and plenty of exercise will help keep your rabbit's skeleton healthy and strong.

Life After Paralysis

  • There are aids available from your rabbit's veterinarian as well as many that learn to scoot and pull themselves around without aids. Caring for a disabled rabbit takes a little more diligence but can be done.


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