What do Scabies Bites Look Like?


Scabies is a skin condition that can be treated by prescribed oral medications, lotions and creams. This rash consists of intense itching and painful blisters.


  • Scabies is an itchy condition that occurs from the burrowing of an eight-legged mite.

Time Frame

  • Symptoms can build momentum over two months, and most products will eradicate scabies within a week to two weeks.


  • Scabies is a rash on the skin that includes red papules and blisters that may have blood encrusted on them. Small burrows from the mites may appear as thin lines.


  • The papules, blisters and burrows can be found on numerous parts of the body.
    The torso, finger webs, wrists, elbows and buttocks are parts of the body that
    can be affected. The genitals, nipples and feet can be affected in adults, while the
    face and neck can be affected in infants.


  • Scabies cannot be transmitted by normal, daily contact such as shaking hands or
    sharing clothes. Scabies is most frequently transmitted by sexual contact.

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