What Kind of Rashes Do Dogs Get?

What Kind of Rashes Do Dogs Get?
What Kind of Rashes Do Dogs Get? (Image: http://www.sxc.hu/11763351/timobalk)

Skin rashes in dogs can be caused by a number of different factors. Finding the cause of the rash is crucial in treating the condition. Some rashes can be treated with simple home remedies, and others may require serious medication like antibiotics, antihistamines, or corticosteroids prescribed by your veterinarian.

Rashes From Parasites

Fleas, ticks, or mites can cause itching and skin irritations that make your dog uncomfortable and may need to be treated by your vet. Mange can produce itchy 'hot spots' that make your dog miserable and cause unsightly hair loss. Internal parasites like worms can cause skin itching and anemia that can seriously threaten your puppy's health.

Rashes From Infectious Agents

Dogs can also be infected with staphylococcus, which can be stubborn to treat. Ringworm, a fungus, can cause intense itching and can leave bare patches on the skin.

Rashes From Stress and Anxiety

Because dogs are so senstive about what is going on in their environments, they can become anxious and stressed. This can cause them to itch and lick at themselves, causing visible skin irritations. The anxiety may need to be treated with changes in their lifestyle or may require medication to calm them.

Rashes From Nutritional Deficiencies

If your dog is not getting enough nutrients from her food, the problem may be seen as a chronic skin condition that resists treatment. Make sure you are feeding your pet a high quality dog food suitable for her age and physical condition. Additional vitamin supplements may be necessary.

Rashes From Genetic Causes

Your dog may have an allergy to fleas or any number of materials in its environment. Some breeds are more prone to autoimmune problems than others. Your veterinarian will do a number of tests to determine what is causing the problem and prescribe medications to reduce symptoms and aid healing.

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