Fun Babysitting Ideas for Three-Year Olds


According to Children's Hospital of Boston, the three year old is an active, imaginative child, eager to learn and experience his environment and the people in it. Leaving the "terrible two's" behind, the three year old will focus on learning language, increasing motor skills, and social and emotional development.


  • Teach through fun. At three, a child seeks to master increasingly difficult tasks in an attempt to mimic behaviors of older siblings and adults. Support and encourage her efforts through stimulating games and creative activities.

Word Fun

  • Visit the library for story hour. Select a few imaginative picture books for at home reading. Three year olds prefer stories with animals or inanimate objects as key characters. They also like singing simple songs

Outdoor Play

  • The playground is always a winner. Play catch, kickball, run and chase, or "follow the leader" on the grass.


  • Three year old love to "help." Bake cookies or brownies or build a pizza. Play simple board games that match pictures, shapes or colors. Put on some music and dance.

Encourage Creativity

  • Three year olds enjoy playing dress up, finger painting, clay creations, nail painting, coloring and finger puppets.


  • A three year old's attention span is just eight to nine minutes, so plan activities accordingly.


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