Scotchguard FAQ


Scotchgard is a product manufactured by 3M that repels stains. It is sold in cans and can be applied at home, but it is also available in certain paints, flooring and even eye glasses.

What Materials Can I Use Scotchgard On?

  • Several types of Scotchgard are available. Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector can be used on just about any kind of fabric, but do a color-bleed test to be safe. Do not use it on carpet. Instead, apply Scotchgard Carpet and Rug Protector.

Why Should I Use Scotchgard?

  • Scotchgard helps fabrics repel spills and stains. It will not change a fabric's appearance, feel or breathability.

How Long Does Scotchgard Take to Dry?

  • In average room temperature, most items take about 24 hours or less to dry after being treated.

Can I Use Scotchgard on "X" Coded Fabrics?

  • No, "X" coded fabrics can only be cleaned with a brush. No water or solvents should be used on them.

How Much Coverage Does One Can Provide?

  • One can of Scotchgard will cover on average two chairs, a normal-size sofa, five jackets or 20 ties. This coverage depends on the fabric type and the amount you apply.


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