What Is Pret a Porter?


Pret-a-porter fashion is mass-produced and sold in standardized sizes. This makes fashion more affordable and more available to the mass-market customer.


  • Pret-a-porter (pronounced pret-uh-por-tay) is a French phrase meaning "ready-to-wear." These terms can be used interchangeably.


  • Ready-to-wear clothing is sold "off the rack" in standardized sizes. The opposite of ready-to-wear apparel is haute couture, which is handmade clothing custom-designed to fit an individual's measurements.


  • Ready-to-wear apparel is generally mass-produced in factories, using standardized patterns and inexpensive construction methods. It is manufactured this way to produce low-cost garments.

Pret-a-porter Today

  • All clothing found in chain stores and department stores today is ready-to-wear. The exception is men's suiting, which is sometimes considered semi-ready-to-wear because it is tailored specifically for the customer.

Pret-a-porter Collections

  • Most couture designers, such as Dior and Chanel, also design ready-to-wear collections, which produce larger profits than haute couture. At Fashion Week, designers show these pret-a-porter collections.


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