What Is the Meaning of Opalite?


Opalite is the trade name for a type of glass that has been treated to give it an opal-like look.

Opalite is glass

  • Opalite is the trade name for a synthetic glass "stone" with opal-like properties produced for jewelry and other decorative functions. It may also be called opaline glass, opalised or opalized glass and synthetic opal. In case this isn't confusing enough, synthetic opals are sometimes called sea opals, which is also a name for beads or faux gemstones made from abalone shell.

"Natural" Opalite

  • A few mines and other sites describe "natural opalite". Each of these present a different type of stone or mineral and call it opalite. Some examples include "Tiffany Stone", a deep purple mineral mined in Utah, "Cat's Eye Opalite", an orange stone from Tanzania, and a type of agate that forms from volcanic ash.


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