Restless Sleeping in Babies


Restless sleeping might be one of the more frustrating problems parents can encounter. Each baby has different sleeping patterns. Be patient and try different techniques until you find something that works to soothe your baby.

Sleep Averages

  • As your baby grows older, he will need less sleep. As a 1-month-old, your baby will average 16 hours of sleep, whereas at 6 months, he will sleep about 14 1/2 hours a day.


  • Your baby might be encouraged to sleep if you stick to a simple routine such as always bathing before bedtime or singing a lullaby.


  • Each baby is different regarding where they sleep best. Some babies sleep better in their own room, others might prefer to sleep in a crib next to your bed. Or you could try snuggling with your child on your own bed.


  • Select a consistent napping routine. Babies with set nap times might be able to sleep better during the night.


  • Resist the urge to add lots of toys to the crib. Toys can distract a baby from sleeping and encourage the association of the crib with playtime.


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