How Tall Do Oak Trees Grow?


Oak trees grow around the world and are very common in the United States. They're not known for height like the Redwoods in California, but they can grow to an impressive size. Oak trees come in many different varieties that can grow to different heights from only forty feet at full size to one hundred.

White Oak

  • The white oak can reach one hundred feet tall and up to four feet in diameter. This takes quite a while, however. They live to be several hundred years old, even up to six hundred years old.

Northern Red Oak

  • This tree grows in cooler climates in Canada and the eastern and midwestern parts of the United States This tall and slender oak can grow to be seventy-five feet tall.

Pin Oak

  • This type grows in the midwest and reaches seventy feet in height. It's often used in landscaping as a shade tree for its symmetry and beautiful colors in the fall.

Live Oak

  • The live oak grows in warmer climates and reaches up to forty feet in height. It spreads out to sixty feet, so it can be wider than it is tall.


  • Redwoods, an evergreen tree, can grow to two hundred feet and have set records at almost three hundred feet tall. Fruit and deciduous trees average fifty or sixty feet in height.


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