Hilarious Persuasive Speech Topics


Convincing people to use milk on their cereal is a dull speech topic because people use milk on cereal every day. Getting people to do the unbelievable or to believe in the absurd are hilarious speech topics.


  • Persuade the audience that you are an alien scout from Saturn who has been sent to prepare Earth for the arrival of your brethren.


  • Convince the audience that you are a yellow sponge named SpongeBob who lives in the ocean.


  • Make the audience believe that Kool-Aid is a great shampoo.


  • Using technical words and a banana, persuade the audience that bananas can be used as telephones.


  • The wackier the topic, the more hilarious the persuasive speech. Imaginations will run wild as speakers try to convince their audience to believe the unbelievable.


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