Nutritional Value of Celery


Celery has long been known as a low-calorie snack for dieters, as well as a good way to add crunch to salads. With high fiber and an array of nutrients, celery is a healthy food choice.


  • A 1-cup serving of raw celery contains only 19 calories.


  • Higher in sodium than most vegetables, 1 cup of raw celery contains 96 mg of sodium, which is still only 4 percent of the daily recommended allowance.


  • One cup of raw celery contains 3.6 g of carbohydrates, with about 2 g of dietary fiber.


  • Celery contains very little protein, with a little less than 1 g per 1-cup serving. Still, this provides 2 percent of the recommended allowance of protein.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Celery is especially high in vitamin A, offering 11 percent of the daily recommendation; and potassium, offering 9 percent of the daily recommendation. It also provides 6 percent of the daily recommendation for vitamin C.

Other Nutrients

  • Celery contains the additional health-promoting compounds known as phthalides and coumarins. Phthalides may help combat high cholesterol, while coumarins may reduce your chances of developing cancer.


  • Photo Credit Lombroso, Wikimedia Commons
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