Pregnancy & Fetal Development at 20 Weeks

Twenty weeks marks the halfway point of a pregnancy. An ultrasound about this time may indicate the sex of the fetus and the mother starts to feel definite, stronger movement of the baby inside her uterus.

  1. Enlargement of the Uterus

    • The uterus is growing and has now ascended into the abdominal cavity. The top of the uterus sits at the level of the mother's belly button. Pressure within the pelvic cavity is now relieved, leading to less frequent urination.

    Pregnancy Hormones

    • Pregnancy hormones and increased circulation allows nutrients to work more efficiently, resulting in stronger nails for the mother and fast-growing, fuller hair.


    • Any morning sickness may be subsiding and the mother's appetite may increase. Pregnant women should eat small, regular meals and chew food thoroughly to aid digestion and avoid heartburn and discomfort.

    Fetus Weight and Length

    • The fetus is approximately 6 1/3 inches (160 mm) long from crown to rump and weighs about 11 ounces (320 g).


    • A waxy substance called vernix now covers the fetus, protecting the delicate fetal skin. Most of the vernix will be absorbed into the amniotic fluid by the time of delivery.

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