Can I Renew a Passport at the Post Office?

Can I Renew a Passport at the Post Office? thumbnail
Passport renewals generally take four to six weeks.

You can renew your passport at a post office, but you'll need to bring certain documents and to keep in mind the length of time required for the passport renewal process.

  1. Requirements

    • If your passport is damaged, if you were younger than 16 when you received it or if you can't provide legal proof of a name change, you must renew at the post office. The State Department requires that you fill out a DS-11 application. Fill it out with a black ballpoint pen. If the above criteria don't apply to you, you can renew a passport by mail.


    • In addition to the application, bring an original birth certificate, driver's license (as well as a photocopy) and two 2-by-2-inch photographs of yourself. National drugstores provide passport photo services at little cost.


    • The State Department provides a post office finder on its website. You also can renew your passport at a county clerk's office, which also can be found through the post office finder.


    • As of 2010, the application fee is $110. You also need to pay a processing fee of $25. These must be paid by personal check or bank check.

    Time Frame

    • The State Department normally processes a passport application within four to six weeks.

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