Types of Skills to Put on a Resume

A resume is the gateway to an interview. Therefore, you must represent your qualifications as clearly as possible. An individual’s unique set of skills is one of the many aspects of a resume.

  1. Significance

    • Potential employers glance at numerous resumes at a time and will focus on specific submissions if the senders’ particular skills catch their attention. The skills relayed in a resume are vital to matching yourself with an appropriate employer.


    • If you have skills in various categories, write them under subheadings within the section. If the skills are of a particular type, they can be bulleted or separated with commas.

    Communication Skills

    • Types of communication skills include selling skills, public speaking, interpersonal skills and written skills.

    Other Languages

    • If you're fluent in more than one language, include that information; it's a vital skill many employers are now looking for.

    Technical Skills

    • Computer proficiency and the number of words an individual can type per minute are both examples of technical skills to include.

    Management Skills

    • An individual should list any management skills, regardless of whether he is applying for an upper-level management position. Previous management experience is indicative of an employee who is well organized and self-motivated.

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