Where Diamonds Can Be Found


Diamonds are crystallized carbon that has been compressed deep in earth and can be older than the oldest known life on earth. The rock is composed of pure carbon except for negligible amounts of other elements. Diamonds are pushed up to the surface by magma pushing to the surface of the earth. Diamonds are a precious stone that are commonly used in jewelry.

Where in the World are Diamonds?

  • Diamonds are found around the world in the oldest part of the continents. Countries that have been rich in diamonds include India, sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, Canada, Siberia and Australia.

How Deep are Diamonds Found?

  • Diamond are found between 60 miles and 120 miles deep in the ground. The natural state of carbon at the surface is graphite because there is not the same amount of pressure on the carbon.


  • Kimberlite is a rock formation left when magma rushes to the surface of the earth from depths greater than those of a volcano, which can bring diamonds to the surface. Though it does not guarantee diamonds, kimberlite is used as a predictor of the locations of diamonds.


  • Only about 20 percent of diamonds are deemed to be worthy of being used in jewelry. Of those selected, the refining process cuts most diamonds' size in half.

Industrial Applications

  • Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Therefore, diamonds are often used to coat drills and other industrial devices.


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