Different Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long hair is a sign of fertility and beauty in some cultures. Women grow their hair long to accentuate their looks and embrace their personalities. Choosing the right long hair style is dependent on the facial shape and each woman's individual style. Wearing the hair in updos, classic ponytails and in layers gives the long hair style variety.

  1. Square Face Shape

    • The square face shape needs a long hair style that places the attention on the eyes and cheek and away from the angular jaw. Do this with layers framing the face and an even-cut bang.

    Oval Face Shape

    • The oval face shape can pull off any hair style, long or short. Add variety to the boring long hair with side-swept bangs and waves.

    Round Face Shape

    • Long hair styles work perfectly with round facial shapes because it takes away from the round cheeks. Add volume to the crown of the head with teased hair or layers.

    Long Face Shape

    • A long hair style is tricky for oblong face shapes because it adds length to the already long face. Go with a style that falls into many layered curls to add width to the face.


    • Buns, twist and the classic ponytail work perfectly with long hair. Updos work as a quick hair style or as a protective style to block the ends from harsh weather.

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