Types of Volunteer Jobs


Volunteer work can be a very rewarding experience. Getting children involved in volunteering teaches them about compassion and can help build self-confidence. Retirees can volunteer in order to keep active and experience a rewarding endeavor.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Volunteering gives a sense of purpose to all involved. Not only can a person help their community but they can also help themselves. Benefits include building self-confidence and self-worth, improving communication skills and encouraging social development.

Nursing Homes

  • Volunteering at nursing homes not only helps the volunteer with psychological and emotional needs but has added benefit for the residents of the home. Volunteers can help with hair styling, games or just visit. These activities are beneficial for the residents of the home who might otherwise only rarely have visitors.

Early Childhood

  • Preschools and Head Start centers often need volunteers. Volunteers assist the teacher with meals, snacks, game time, learning and reading during story time. Both adults and teenagers can enjoy this type of volunteer job.


  • In hospitals, volunteers may help with visits with the patients and delivering newspapers and gifts. Volunteers also spend quality time with patients to make their hospital stays a little easier.


  • Adults and children alike can volunteer at public libraries. Volunteers often participate in story time for small children. Some libraries will also have volunteers help with book returns and displays.


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