Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Belly Fat


When striving for that magazine cover-like six pack, many people tend to overlook the first step to losing belly fat-changing eating habits. No matter how many crunches you sweat through, a poor diet will keep your belly soft and jiggly. Eating healthy foods is crucial to attaining the stomach you want.

Fast Food

  • If you can purchase it through a drive through window, you probably shouldn't be eating it. Most fast foods are high in fats, and those will go straight to your belly

Processed Foods

  • While it's almost impossible to avoid all processed foods, you should try to limit them in your diet. Take a look at the labels next time you consider a can of soup or a frozen, prepared meal. Among other things such as the fat and sugar, notice the high levels of sodium which can cause you to retain water.

Fried Foods

  • Not only does fried food get dunked in fatty oils, but the breading also contains carbohydrates that could be converted to fat. Fried foods can clog your arteries and expand your belly.


  • Drinking too many carb-loaded beers definitely keeps your belly pudgy. To lose that beer gut, cut back or consider switching to light beers.


  • Full-sugar sodas have loads of empty calories. Drink plenty of water or tea throughout the day instead.


  • Remember the old saying, "all things in moderation." Cutting out everything might prove difficult. It's OK to reward yourself every now and then. Try to choose grilled alternatives, blot the grease and keep your beer light.

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