BlackBerry BrickBreaker Rules

BrickBreaker is a game made by Plazmic that ships with every BlackBerry with a color screen.

  1. Objective

    • A player uses a horizontally scrolling paddle to bounce a ball off bricks, breaking them in the process. The goal is to clear the boards by breaking all the bricks.


    • Players start a game with three lives, but can collect extra lives from power-ups.


    • Players score points by hitting bricks and collecting power-ups. Bricks are 10 points per hit and power-ups are 50 points each. Some power-ups give you bonus points when they are used to hit bricks.


    • Bricks can take anywhere between one and four hits with a ball before they are broken. There are bricks, denoted by a different color, that can only be broken with a "Gun" power-up.


    • The power-ups available are Bomb, Catch, Flip, Gun, Laser, Life, Long, Multi and Slow. Bomb, Gun and Laser give extra points when used to break bricks.


    • There are 34 boards per level. The same boards repeat in subsequent levels, but descend at a faster rate.

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  • Photo Credit Plazmic

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