Reactions to Augmentin


Augmentin is a part of the penicillin medicine group. Penicillin medications are prescribed to stop the growth and to kill bacteria within the body. Penicillin medications are notorious for causing allergic reactions. A patient taking Augmentin should consult a physician right away if any of the following side effects occurs.

Skin Reactions

Allergic skin reactions may include red and itchy skin with hives or blisters. The skin may peel or appear looser than normal. Also, the skin may appear pale or scaly. Sometimes red lesions with a purple-colored center may appear.

Digestive Symptoms

Allergic reactions to Augmentin may cause stomach cramps, bloating, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Also, one should be concerned if urination become significantly decreased or if urination is painful. In addition, urine that appears cloudy, bloody or darker than normal may indicate a problem. If stools appear lighter than normal, clay-colored, black or bloody, a reaction could be occurring.

Cardiovascular Symptoms

Individuals taking Augmentin should contact a physician if they experience chest pain or tightness. Also, a fast or irregular heartbeat could be cause for concern.


Allergic reactions to Augmentin can cause swelling to occur all over the body. The glands, feet, legs, face, eyelids, hand and even sex organs may swell. The most dangerous type of swelling occurs when lip and tongue swelling obstruct airways.


Individuals taking Augmentin should see medical attention if they experience pain while taking this medication. Pain may affect the back, side, abdomen and legs. Also, the joints or muscles may ache.

Other Allergic Symptoms

Other symptoms of concern include fever, chills, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, wheezing, extreme fatigue, seizures, unusual vaginal discharge, unusual bleeding, mouth sores, swallowing difficulty, yellowing of the eyes and skin, anxiety and severe insomnia.

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