What Animals Live in the Negev Desert?


The Negev is a desert in southern Israel that hosts a variety of animal life. These animals range from herbivores to carnivores, and from the very small to larger animals. Most of these animals are nocturnal, so while the desert seems quiet during the day, at night it is teeming with life.


The vulture is a large bird of prey that feeds off carrion and small, weak animals. The vulture can have a wingspan of about 6 feet, and is usually grayish brown in color.

Nubian Ibex

The nubian ibex is a desert goat that roams the Israeli countryside feeding on vegetation. They are brown in color and males have large horns. Unlike most desert creatures, the nubian ibex must drink water daily to survive.


The hyrax is a small furry creature about 20 inches long that resembles a rabbit with no ears. Surprisingly however, the hyrax is the closest living relative to the elephant. Hyrax live in the rocky, cliff areas of the desert and like reptiles, use the rocks to help regulate their body tempurature.


The hawk is a bird of prey with a hooked beak and sharp talons. With excellent vision and the ability to swoop from great heights, the hawk is an impressive predator that feeds on small desert creatures.


The camel is a large mammal that stores fat and water in a large hump (or two) on its back. The Arabian camel, which is more prominent in the Negev, has one hump and has adapted to feed on the thorny underbrush of the desert.

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