Symptoms of Pain in the Back of Neck


It isn't uncommon for a person to suffer from neck pain. This sort of condition can happen to almost anyone, and can run from acute to chronic in nature. When you are experiencing pain in the back of the neck, there are definitely certain symptoms you'll encounter when dealing with this type of pain.


  • It should come as no surprise that pain in the back of the neck will bring about a dull throbbing to sharp shooting discomfort within the neck itself.

Back Pain

  • Sometimes, the pain in the back of the neck can begin to shoot down into the back and shoulders, causing even more discomfort.


  • You may also begin to experience a certain level of stiffness from pain in the back of the neck.

Limited Motion

  • Occasionally, pain in the back of the neck will lessen your range of motion within the neck, limiting your ability to turn or tilt your head.


  • This is more of a byproduct of a pain in the back of the neck than an actual symptom, but you can begin to suffer from mild to even severe headaches.

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