Stroke Symptoms Involving Vision


Since strokes occur in the brain, the symptoms of a stroke often involve vision problems. A stroke can impair a person's vision and cause blurriness, dimness or vision loss. One or both eyes may be affected, and the vision impairment can be temporary or long-term.

Trouble in One or Both Eyes

  • Stroke symptoms involving vision can impair sight in one eye or in both. Vision may be impaired in the right eye if the stroke occurs in the left hemisphere of the brain and vice versa.

Blurred Vision

  • Another stroke symptom involving vision is blurred vision. The patient may experience double vision or have difficulty focusing on an object.

Dimmed Vision

  • A common stroke symptom involving vision is when the eyesight suddenly becomes dark or dim. This is because a stroke may impair the brain's ability to interpret light.


  • Experiencing vertigo or perceiving a spinning or moving environment is also a stroke symptom involving vision. The patient may feel unbalanced as a result.

Vision Loss

  • Strokes can also disrupt vision by causing blind spots that can be as large as half of the person's vision. Some patients experience total vision loss during a stroke.

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