Performance Evaluation Methods

Evaluating an employee's performance is an important task for a manager or owner of a company. Determining how you will evaluate each of your employees is very important. Each employee should know what is expected of him and what his goals are for the upcoming evaluation period.

  1. Make It Specific

    • When evaluating an employee, make sure that you are evaluating him on criteria that can be evaluated based on accomplishments. Avoid goals based on criteria that can be interpreted several different ways.


    • When evaluating your employee's performance, make sure that there are ways to measure it. Set specific goals and points in time for them to be measured to see if the employee has completed the tasks assigned and met the goals.

    Challenging Your Employee

    • Challenge your employee with the goals that you have set for him, but make sure they are not so demanding that they are impossible to achieve. Goals should encourage an employee, not make him feel overwhelmed.

    Tying in the Company

    • The goals that you set for your employee and evaluate him on should be accomplishments that help the company meet its own goals as well. Do not set goals that have no bearing on the company's success.

    Time Frame

    • Set a time for you and the employee to meet and evaluate if he has met his goals. When evaluating an employee, you should have a time frame in mind for him to complete each of his goals.

    All Employees Are Not Equal

    • Know the skills of your employee. Not every employee will be a top performer. Set goals based on the skill set that the employee brings to the job.

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