Candida Symptoms in the Mouth


Candida albicans is a type of fungus that can grow out of control in certain areas of your body, including the genitals and mouth. An infection of Candida in the mouth is also called thrush, and can occur in people of any age, including babies, children and adults, and may cause symptoms that interfere with eating and talking. According to the National Library of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of Candida in your mouth include pain and difficulty eating.


If you have Candida in your mouth, you may experience pain while chewing or swallowing foods and beverages, and the pain may extend down your throat if the fungus spreads.

Poor Latch

Babies with Candida infections may have difficulty with latching onto the breast during breastfeeding or with sucking from a bottle, which can result in poor weight gain and dehydration.


Candida infections may cause swelling of your tongue, gums, cheeks, palate and the back of your throat, which may cause difficulty with your ability to speak clearly.


Itching or a tingling or burning sensation may result from Candida in your mouth, and babies who are breastfeeding may transfer the infection to the mother's nipple, causing similar sensations on and around the breast.


You may notice white or yellowish growths, especially on your tongue, which may appear fuzzy or hairy and are difficult to try to brush or scrape off.

Oral Sores

Candida in your mouth may grow along your gums and lips as well, and can produce sores that may be tender and can bleed if you pick at them.

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