LPN Duties in a Nursing Home

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide direct personal care to patients, making these nurses valuable workers in nursing homes. Nursing home care focuses on helping elderly and disabled people live in ways that are as healthy, comfortable and high-quality as possible. Nursing home LPNs may work nights, weekends and holidays, and their work is often physically demanding.

  1. Assisting Patients

    • LPN duties include assisting patients with bathing and washing hair, brushing teeth, and getting dressed. They also help patients get in and out of bed, and assist them with standing and walking.

    Administering Medication

    • These nurses administer medications to patients, keeping records of distribution.

    Observing Health

    • LPNs must be excellent observers, doing routine skin checks and keeping an eye out for any breathing difficulties or other symptomatic changes in a patient's health.

    Difficult Issues

    • They must deal effectively with patients who are confused or agitated, or who become combative.


    • LPNs also maintain patient records, update charts, and create incident reports if a patient falls or becomes injured.

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