Benefits for Vietnam Veterans

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Benefits for Vietnam Veterans
Benefits for Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam veterans are provided one particular benefit that is related to the Vietnam war. Understanding this benefit can help veterans gain compensation for certain illnesses. However, there are other benefits that are common to all veterans and their dependents. It is pertinent to be aware of the changes to policies and what can be afforded to you and family members.

  1. Agent Orange

    • The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides wide-range support and compensation for illnesses related to Agent Orange, a chemical used widely during the Vietnam war. Agent Orange has been related to the onset of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, diabetes, Hodgkin's and several other illnesses. Vietnam veterans do not have to prove that the disease is related to their time in the service (see Resources).


    • VA will reimburse burial costs of up to $2,000 and plot costs of up to $300. VA will provide the headstone, burial flag and memorial certificate in a national or private cemetery.

    Vehicle Grants

    • Grants for a new or used vehicle of up to $11,000 are available for veterans with loss of limb or permanent visibility impairment. This grant is only issued once to the veteran.

    Dependents and Survivor Benefits

    • A dependent of a disabled or dead veteran is eligible for benefits towards a college degree, training and certificates. Dependency and Indemnity Compensation is available to surviving spouses and children. This compensation is tax-free.

    Home Loan

    • VA loans are no down payment loans that can be used to refinance, purchase, rebuild or improve a home. VA guarantees up to 25 percent of the home loan. It protects the lender from loss on the guaranteed portion. Homeless veterans can benefit from a 50 percent discount off of VA foreclosure-purchased homes.

    Health Care

    • VA provides all health care for Vietnam veterans, with possible of co-pays. Veterans injured while on duty have priority and are not charged for health care. Veterans can use Champva to pay for the majority of their family members' care (see Resources).

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