Common Illnesses of Pug Dogs


While centuries of meticulous breeding may have produced an outgoing and adorable pug dog, it has also created a myriad of health concerns that the responsible pet owner should keep in mind. From possible blindness to sliding knee caps, common illnesses can be a strain on the budget. Preventative care is essential when you have a pug dog. Consult your veterinarian if your pug dog shows signs of any of these common illnesses.

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)

PDE is a swelling of the brain that is particular to pug dogs and a few other small breeds. Little is known about this condition, but the symptoms may include loss of muscle coordination, seizures, lethargy and agitation.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is a condition that affects the blood vessels around the retina. This condition usually starts with night blindness that will eventually lead to full blindness.

Pigmentary Keratitis

Pigmentary keratitis is caused by an inflammation or irritation of the cornea in which a brown pigment is deposited over the whites of the eye. It can usually be corrected with surgery.

Tracheal Collapse

Tracheal collapse can occur when the rings of the trachea lose their firmness. The symptoms of this treatable condition include coughing similar to a goose honk and trouble breathing.

Luxating Patella

A luxating patella is also called a trick knee and is usually identifiable by the pug stretching his leg backwards in an effort to realign the kneecap. If left untreated this condition can cause arthritis.

Stenotic Nares

Stenotic nares, or pinched nostrils, is characterized by a foamy discharge from the nostrils, labored breathing and even fainting. It occurs when the nasal tissue is not firm enough to allow proper breathing. This condition can be fixed surgically.

Elongated Soft Palate

This condition is common in breeds with short muzzles and is correctable through surgery. Snoring is a common side effect, but in more severe cases the pug dog has trouble breathing.

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