Symptoms of Cat Fleas


There are several symptoms to look for as signs that your cat has fleas. Cats of all ages are susceptible to getting fleas.Treatment options vary, and your vet can recommend chemical-based solutions such as drops or bathing solutions or natural solutions like garlic or brewer's yeast to assist you in eliminating the parasites.

Types of Fleas

There are thousands of types of fleas, but the most common seen in the United States is the cat flea. It has a lifespan between 30 and 75 days and four different developmental stages. Fleas feed on the blood of the host cat.


Cats are susceptible to fleas if they come into contact with other animals that carry fleas, or play outdoors where they can pick up fleas from the environment.

Skin Irritation

Some cats will develop skin irritations such as hot spots, dermatitis, hair loss and bald spots from fleas or from allergic reactions to the flea bites. Your cat may also develop red marks on its skin from the flea bites.

Frequent Scratching

Your cat may show an increase in scratching an biting at areas of the body.


A big infestation of fleas can cause your cat to become anemic. This is a serious threat to kittens, as it can result in death. Signs of anemia in your cat include a lack of energy and gums that lose their natural pink coloring.

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