LPN Licensing Test Requirements


Working as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) can be a very solid and secure job with a relatively good salary, but to work as an LPN, you have to be licensed with the board of nursing in the state that you hope to work. Each state usually requires applicants to pass the NCLEX LPN licensing test before they can be approved to work in the state.

Proof of Education

  • All prospective LPNs must be able to show proof of having completed an accredited LPN training program. Check with the board of nursing for a list of approved programs within the state.

Payment of Fees

  • Most states require a fee to be paid to take the licensing test. This may be as little as $25 or more than $200.

Application Form

  • Fill out an application form to take the licensing test, which will request information about where you completed your education and whether you have any criminal history. You may need to submit a photograph as well.

Registration with Pearson VUE

  • Some states require applicants to register with Pearson VUE, a test administration company, because they are contracted to administer the LPN licensing test for that particular state.

If You Are Licensed in Another State

  • If you are already a licensed LPN in another state, you may not have to retake the LPN licensing test--you may be able to apply to have your nursing license endorsed by the new state.

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