What Are the Long Term Effects of Lorazepam?


Lorazepam is typically utilized to treat anxiety disorders. Its use is not recommended for people with a primary diagnosis of depression or psychosis. A physician should evaluate your use of Lorazepam periodically to assess its usefulness, as long term use can result in many adverse reactions.

Increased Episodic Depression

  • A pre-existing diagnosis of depression and long term use of lorazepam may cause the symptoms of depression to re-emerge or worsen.

Possible Respiratory Decline

  • Long term use of lorazepam may cause an adverse reaction on respiratory processes, including a decline in the ability to breathe.

Lower Tolerance for Alcohol

  • Long term and short term use of lorazepam lowers the body's tolerance to other medications and alcohol.

Possible Physical and Psychological Dependence

  • Long term use can lead to both physical and psychological dependence.

Possible Toxic Psychosis

  • Long term use of lorazepam can cause the body to be in a constant state of intoxication, resulting in toxic psychosis.

Possible Withdrawal Symptoms With Cessation

  • Taking lorazepam for as short of a time as a week and then stopping abruptly can cause withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, confusion, insomnia and dizziness, among many other symptoms.

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