Physical Symptoms of Nerve Damage in the Leg


Physical symptoms of nerve damage in the leg are severe and debilitating, sometimes resulting in an inability to walk or function normally. It is important to recognize these symptoms in order to prevent permanent damage. Look for these physical symptoms of nerve damage in the leg.


  • Tingling is a common symptom of nerve damage in the leg. It may feel like ants crawling underneath the skin.


  • Nerves often pinch in the leg, resulting in loss of feeling or numbness. This makes it difficult to walk or feel pain.

Sharp Localized Pain

  • Another physical symptom of nerve damage is localized pain. Sharp pain occurs where nerves are pinched in the leg, a very painful and debilitating symptom.

Burning Sensation

  • Nerve damage may also cause a burning sensation in the affected leg. Ibuprofen will not lessen the severity of this symptom.

Inability to Function

  • Nerve damage can make it difficult to use the affected leg. Walking, running or moving are nearly impossible due to loss of feeling and extreme physical pain.

Long-Lasting Pain

  • The biggest physical symptom of nerve damage is pain that does not disappear, worsens or comes back in episodes for a year or more. Untreated nerve damage in the leg is not reversible and requires immediate medical attention.

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