UTI & Yeast Infection Symptoms


What's that odd itching, along with the need to urinate? It could be a urinary tract infection. If these symptoms show up along with an odd odor, a yeast infection may be the culprit. While men and women suffer from UTIs, yeast infections are commonly found in women. Read on to get a small dose of symptoms connected with both yeast infections and UTIs.

Bad or Foul Odor

Every woman has a vaginal odor, but there may be something wrong if a usually neutral smell is suddenly strong or sour. Secretions may seem to have a sharp or tangy fragrance, as if your body isn't balanced. In fact, things might smell like beer--another yeast product.

Itching and Irritation

The vaginal area may become irritated, with an annoying, persistent itching sensation. If there's discharge, the additional moisture could be adding to the problem.

Odd Discharge

A healthy vagina secretes fluid throughout the day that looks clear or pearly. When things are out of whack, this liquid may become chunky or filled with mucus, rendering it cloudy. Bad cases will even appear slightly discolored.

Pain During Intercourse

Because the vaginal passage is irritated during a yeast infection, sex may seem very uncomfortable. It should be avoided, because the infection can spread to your partner or can worsen.

More UTI Symptoms

Those suffering from a UTI can also feel a frequent need to urinate, as well as nausea. According to MedicineNet, "Often women feel an uncomfortable pressure above the pubic bone, and some men experience a fullness in the rectum."

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