Hip Pain Symptoms


The hips are at the center of gravity in the human body and carry a lot of an individual's weight. Pain in this area can be difficult to deal with as well as lead to additional problems. It is important to recognize the symptoms of hip pain and seek treatment when necessary.

Orgin of Pain

  • This will differ for each patient. Some will feel hip pain in their groin, lower back, or legs. Additionally, the pain can feel like it is originating from the muscle of the joint itself.

In the Groin

  • This is pain in the inner thigh. Since this is the general location of the hip join, pain in the groin can indicate problems with the hip. This pain may feel like a tightening or throbbing in this region.

Lower Back Pain

  • The spine technically ends at the bottom of your pelvic bone. Therefore pain in the hip can cause pinched nerves and result in lower back pain. This is one of the most common hip pain symptoms. This pain is typically a dull throbbing pain. However, if it is left untreated it can severely limit mobility.

Leg pains

  • Your legs connect with your hips in a ball and socket joint. This provides opportunity for your to experience pain in your legs when there is a problem in your hips. When you experience this pain, it may feel like your legs are weak or tingling. Severe hip problems could also cause you to limp.

Referral Pain

  • Referral pain is when the pain in one area of the body is the result of a problem in another part. This is common with hip pain. For example, problems in the groin can be referred to the knee or pain in the upper hip can be referred to the lower back.

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