Crest White Strips Side Effects

Crest White Strips Side Effects
Crest White Strips Side Effects (Image: Gokce at

Crest Whitestrips are a popular whitening product for your teeth. The thin, plastic strips contain a peroxide gel that is applied twice a day to whiten teeth, according to Crest. Crest Whitestrips may cause side effects in some people, but you can reduce your chances of developing these side effects by following the directions and using the strips properly.

Tooth Sensitivity

Crest Whitestrips may cause tooth sensitivity due to the peroxide in the whitening gel. If your teeth become especially painful, Crest recommends using the Whitestrips only every other day or discontinuing their use.

Gum Irritation

The peroxide in Crest Whitestrips can also irritate your gums. You may notice that your gums become red and inflamed. If this occurs, reduce your use of Whitestrips or talk to your dentist.

White Spots

In some cases, Crest Whitestrips may cause tiny white spots to appear on your teeth. According to Crest, the spots are temporary and should go away after 2 to 3 hours.


Crest has also noted that some users experience foaming in their mouth or excessive saliva production while using Whitestrips. This is a normal reaction to the hydrogen peroxide and is not usually a cause for concern.

How to Reduce Side Effects

Many of these side effects can be avoided by following the manufacturer's directions. Do not wear more than two Whitestrips per day or leave them on for longer than the recommended time. In addition, you should not brush your teeth right before applying the Whitestrips.

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