Website Building Software

When building websites, software designed specifically for that purpose makes the process simpler and smoother. When looking for website building software, consider the size of your website and the amount of other websites you might want to create in the future.

  1. Significance

    • In addition to file organization, website building software can save your publish settings, ensuring that you do not have to log in each time you upload new or changed files.


    • Two popular website building software packages are Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. Apple also makes iWeb, which comes with newer Mac computers.


    • Most software includes a site window, which allows you to store all of your files in a single location and manage them directly in the program instead of using a file browser.


    • Website building software will allow you to save your upload settings, eliminating the need to log in each time you publish new or updated content.


    • Website building software can be quite expensive. Look for versions online, or use an education discount if you are a student or teacher.

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