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Sure, your wallet is great for transporting cash, credit cards, and photos of the family dog. But what has it done for you lately? Probably nothing. Slacker!

I know: I said almost exactly the same thing in last month’s post on three cool ways to geek out your keychain. Amazingly, it’s just as funny now!

[It was never all that funny – ed.]

While you’re mulling over a kind, sensitive way to tell me it was never funny, check out these three geek-tastic tools, all of which are amazingly cool and practical, yet slim enough to slip inside your wallet. Your pocket is about to get a major productivity boost.

ChargeCard.  You know how there’s never a sync/charge cable around when you need one? That’s a problem, especially when your smartphone is running low on power. And, look, there’s a perfectly good USB port right over there! If only you could somehow jack into it.

Your wallet to the rescue! Well, if it has one of these inside: the ChargeCard ($25) is a USB cable that’s about as thick as a pair of credit cards—meaning it can easily ride inside your billfold or change-purse or whatever.

The ChargeCard comes in three varieties, one each for Android devices, iPhone 4/4S, and iPhone 5. At one end sits a microUSB, Apple 30-pin, or Apple Lightning connectors. (These last two work with older and current iPods and iPads as well.) Inside lies a standard USB connector that folds out on a rubber arm. Just insert the two plugs where they need to go and presto, you’re syncing and/or charging.

Nova Wireless Flash. That tiny LED “flash” built into your smartphone may make for a decent flashlight, but as a way to brighten up your photos, it’s pretty anemic.

The Nova is a temperature-adjustable wireless flash that’s thin and durable enough to find a home in your wallet. That’s right, wireless: It gets triggered when your snap a photo with your iPhone. Just hold it up at the distance and angle you want, and in a (sorry) flash, you’ve got extra lighting.

Inside, the Nova packs a whopping 40 LEDs and a rechargeable battery, yet the whole package measures just a quarter of an inch thick.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Sorry to say you can’t have one just yet: the Nova is a Kickstarter project that still has about a month to go, though it has already surpassed its funding goal. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to go into production (which should happen in February, 2014, according to the developers). Right now you can pledge $54 to get one of the first Novas off the line.

Tuls Stan. Talk about a low-tech product for a high-tech device. Tuls Stan is a machine-cut slice of steel that holds your iPhone (or any similarly sized device) upright or on its side. In other words, the Tuls (“tools”) Stan (“stand”) is a smartphone stand that slips in and out of your wallet with the same ease as a credit card.

The Stan also has a pair of cutouts you can use to wrap and manage your earbud cable and/or sync cable (though now you won’t need the latter, thanks to the aforementioned ChargeCard). There’s even a bottle opener cut into the side so you can enjoy a frosty beverage while watching a movie on your propped-up screen.

It’s not without problems, though. The slot won’t accommodate an iPhone that’s in a case, and you can’t really stand your screen sideways (i.e. in landscape orientation) without it resting on an angle.

The Stan comes in your choice of stainless steel ($22) or titanium ($33), though you’ll have to wait until October to get one: this Kickstarter project only recently went from the funding stage to production.

Have you found any other cool tools with wallet-friendly dimensions? Tell me about them in the comments section below!

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