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blemishes can ruin a good picture

If you have ever shied away from being in a picture because you have a big ole’ blemish on your face or wanted to cancel a photo shoot because of a scrape on your kids chin, Worry no more. This simple solution easily banishes those unsightly blemishes from your pictures.

Photoshop has become so well known as a photo editing app that the phrase, “You can Photoshop that later,” has become standard. The belief is that it helps photographers with any kind of crazy magic. The truth is a bit less magical — Photoshop can fix many things, but I use it to enhance images, not fix poorly-taken pictures.

I see removing a blemish as an enhancement, to see beyond temporary imperfections.

Just as in most cases with Photoshop, several different ways work to do the same thing. When removing blemishes, I use the patch tool the most. This tool isn’t in every version of Photoshop, so sorry for those that don’t have it.

The patch tool looks like this in your tools palate in Photoshop:

How to use the patch tool in photoshop

The patch looks just like a patch on a pair of jeans. Sometimes you have to right-click on one of the other menus to see this menu open up to the options. Once that tool is highlighted, open up the picture you’d like to edit, then zoom in.

With your mouse, head over to the blemish area and make a circle around it. In this case, it’s tricky because you don’t want to enter into the crease of my smile as it’s darker skin. You want to just circle the skin that is the same as the rest.

Close up on blemish in photoshop

Once you’ve circled the area, put your mouse into the center of the circle, drag it an inch over to the non-blemish area, then the blemish disappears.

Blemish disappears in Photoshop

Sometimes I’ll need to clean up the area a bit with a few more circles and swipes, but because of the clean borders, this was an easy one.

I recommend starting out with something easy. Every once in a while, I’ll look at a blemish in the mirror and wish it was just as easy, but with pictures, those blemishes can truly be erased.

photo credit: Kristen Duke

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