An Honest Buck: Debunking the Conspiracies about the Eye on the Dollar Bill


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Is that eye on your dollar bill the eye of God or the eye of Satan? Here’s why the conspiracy theorists have it all wrong.

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Some people say it’s just God’s eye overseeing the birth of our nation. But how boring is that?

Despite the fact that we use the dollar bill on a daily basis, very few people take the time to examine its cryptic pictures.

To give you an idea of just how much symbolism is packed into each of the images, know that it took 19 days to complete the Declaration of Independence, but it took six years to complete the national seal on the back of a buck.

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Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Naturally, that kind of careful deliberation has encouraged occultists to hunt for and argue over hidden meanings in every detail on the dollar, but one symbol in particular stands out as the figurative and literal eye of the conspiracy storm.

What the Eye Represents
The eye above the unfinished pyramid is the “Eye of Providence,” a longstanding symbol of God’s eye in Christianity (the triangle represents the three points of Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The forefathers of the United States intended to show that God was overseeing the birth of a new nation, reinforced by the Latin phrase above it “Annuit Coeptis” which means, “He has favored our undertaking.”

Boring right? Fortunately the conspiracy theorists invented much cooler meanings.

What Conspiracy Theorists Say
Depending on which brand of crazy you subscribe to, there are two interpretations of the symbol that many conspiracy theorists have clumsily tried to weave together.

One is that the eye is intended to be the “All-Seeing Eye” of Masonic ritual. The eye is commonly used in Masonic tradition, and these theorists speculate that the secret society of the Free Masons have ruled American government since its inception, and thus they control everything within it, including (and most importantly) money.

The other interpretation is that the light behind it shows it’s the eye of Lucifer, the “Bringer of light.” These two groups of occultists converge on the idea that the Free Masons are decidedly anti-Christian.

Why They’re Wrong
The Free Masons didn’t start using the “All-Seeing Eye” as a symbol of the secret society until 1797, over 10 years after the image was chosen for the back of the dollar bill. The “Eye of Providence” had existed long before the Free Masons started and long before the Revolutionary War. It was just an image that, coincidentally, was adopted by more than one community in need of a powerful symbol.

Finally, it’s important to step back and ask yourself, “Why would the forefathers of America push a satanic agenda through a picture on a dollar bill and not in, say, the document that governs our everyday lives?

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-Soren Bowie, Serious Coin contributor

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