9 Pictures of Babies Sleeping in Funny Positions


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While sleep may remain an elusive dream for most of us until the kids leave the house, at least we can celebrate National Sleep Comfort Month with something that makes us laugh: Funny pictures of babies sleeping in NOT-so-comfortable positions.

9. New sleep training method: Knock ’em out with dad’s sneaker odor.

Funny picture of baby sleeping

8. That’s ONE way to get out of eating your strained peas.

Funny picture of baby sleeping in high chair

7. So tired that he couldn’t even make it INTO the bed. Being a kid is tough work, I tell ya.

Funny picture of kid napping upright

6. Making cats look downright inflexible in comparison.

Funny picture of kid sleeping hunched over

5. Exhibit #1 demonstrating why parents never get a good night’s sleep.

Funny picture of baby sleeping on dad

4. Rumor has it that Kanye West falls asleep like this, too.

Funny picture of baby sleeping on mirror

3. “I’ll make you a deal, kid: I’ll let you sleep on me in exchange for your binky.”

Funny picture of baby sleeping on dog

2. Dreaming of a day when his parents don’t embarrass him with silly hats.

Funny picture of newborn sleeping

1. Jump! Jump! Jump! Zzzzz.

Funny picture of baby sleeping in Jumperoo

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