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Fabregas-Snack-1Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of exiting the movies ten pounds heavier due to an overdose of super-sized sodas, greasy popcorn and sugary candy? Not to mention a wallet that’s another two to three bills lighter — and that’s after paying for tickets!

Yes, yes — I know, overpriced concessions are how the theaters make their money. I’m really not complaining about the expense as much as the utter lack of healthier snack choices in most theaters. I like the movies and I like to munch while I watch— is a smattering of smarter options at the concession stand too much to ask? A few carrot sticks, perhaps? Apple slices? Dare I suggest pretzels or air-popped popcorn?

Well, while the movie industry drags its feet on offering healthier snacking options, I’ve decided to take my family’s munching matters into my own hands. Armed with Ziploc® brand Storage Bags in assorted sizes, I’ve started treating myself and my family to the movies with healthy take-alongs—and I’m happy to share a few tricks I discovered along the way in case anyone out there wants to join in my protein-packed protest. Fabregas-Snack-2

First, Ziploc® brand gallon-sized Storage Bags are the perfect size for stowing a full bag of pre-popped microwave popcorn. Two bags feed four easily — my fave is the “lite butter.” A warning, though — don’t try to tote the microwaveable bag you pop it in; it’s too greasy and crinkly and makes Ziploc®’s crinkle-free bags the perfect substitute.

Moving on to other tasty options, MYO trail mix, party mix or granola can be perfectly portioned into individual snack-sized or sandwich-sized Ziploc® bags, as can a variety of healthier munchies; pretzels, grapes, veggie stick mixes, or wedged fruit such as apples and pears. Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to healthier choices and the individual-sized serving bags provide potion control if you’re watching intake. Plus they cut down on distractions caused by passing a bag back and forth in the dark — and the inevitable “who got more” arguments.

Fabregas-Snack-3I’m also starting to tote a few dippers along in the smaller Ziploc® brand containers. Filled with nut butters, flavored cream cheese, or yogurt dips, these easily pop into a sandwich or quart-sized bag to accompany veggie sticks, fruit slices, or even pita triangles.

Since I’m well into my alternate movie-munchie lifestyle now, I’ve even started toting along a snack or two on outings where I used to shell out big bucks for ho-hum fare, including street festivals, the zoo, and even an outdoor concert or two. So when I ran across the Ziploc® Fresh 180 Challenge, “Tweet What You Eat,” I had to giggle, thinking that I ought to do a “Tweet What I Sneak” series, especially since Ziploc® brand bags and containers make it so easy to snack on the sly.

So here are my first “sneaky snacks” pictures tweeted under an alias — just in case my local movie theater catches wind. After all, I’d hate to see a wanted poster with a picture of my face, or worse — my purse — plastered at the movie theater entrance the next time I hit the matinee.

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.

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