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  • Preschool Lesson Plan for Digging for Fossils

    Preschool lesson plans for digging for fossils are a great way to get kids interested in a complicated topic at an early age. Find out about preschool lesson plans for… Read More

  • What Do You Do to a Title & Quote From a Movie When Writing an Essay?

    When writing an essay, both the title of a movie and any quote from it need to be formatted in a very specific way. Learn what to do with the… Read More

  • Fun Ways to Write Down Your Ideas for an Essay

    You should always keep track of your thoughts prior to starting a new essay. Learn about fun ways to write down your ideas for an essay with help from a… Read More

  • How to Develop & Write a Paragraph

    A paragraph is a lot more than just a grouping of words - it's a collection of ideas and even feelings. Develop and write a paragraph with help from a… Read More

  • What Is Offset in Statistics?

    "Offset" in the world of statistics is defined in a very specific way. Find out about offset in statistics with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video… Read More

  • Christmas Games for a Kid's Classroom

    Christmas games are fun and celebrate the winter season. Create great games for your students with the help of a certified teacher in this free video. Read More

  • How to Teach Young Children to Use the Compass

    Teach young children to use a compass by first explaining what a compass is used for and showing them the four basic geographic directions. Observe more tips on how to… Read More

  • Teaching Children About Idioms

    Teach young children about idioms by reading aloud the book Amelia Bedelia and asking them to listen for funny phrases and how she responds to them. Continue the lesson on… Read More

  • How to Write a College Paper

    When writing a college paper, start with an introduction that includes a thesis, followed by several arguments that support the thesis and a conclusion that re-iterates the important points of… Read More

  • How to Teach Basic Conversational English

    Teach basic conversational English to people by keeping things simple, practicing introductions that provide personal information and discussing topics relative to their homes and family. Teach English sentence structure, grammar… Read More

  • How Do You Teach English to Adults?

    Teach English to adults by choosing topics, vocabulary and expressions that are relative to situations in their normal daily life. Practice speaking, perform common activities and learn a foreign language… Read More

  • Creating Play or Story Characters

    Creating characters for a play or story requires pulling from personal experience to give the characters real attributes and personalities. Develop a fictional character with tips from an educator in… Read More

  • Teaching Shakespeare to High School Students

    To teach Shakespeare to high school students, it is imperative to make Shakespeare relevant to their current lives, allowing them to watch pop culture movie translations of his work. Make… Read More

  • How to Write a Good Hypothesis

    Writing a good hypothesis requires formulating a question and answering that question specifically and with many details before conducting the research to prove it. Compose a hypothesis, whether for a… Read More

  • How to Write Satire About Current Events

    Writing a satire about current events requires choosing an issue to ridicule, deciding why it is worthy of scrutiny and illustrating both sides of the issue using dark humor and… Read More

  • How to Write an Effective Complaint Letter

    Writing an effective complaint letter requires first finding out where to send it, maintaining composure and eloquence throughout the letter and detailing the complaint with exact dates, occurrences and any… Read More

  • How to Write an Inquiry Letter

    To write an inquiry letter of any kind, always address the letter formally, begin by stating the purpose, and add any relevant personal information or qualifications. Compose a professional inquiry… Read More

  • How to Teach Children the Meaning of Hanukkah

    Teaching children the meaning of Hanukkah involves retelling the story, lighting the menorah each of the eight nights, playing the dreidel game and making a Hanukkah box for them. Explain… Read More

  • How to Write a Creative Writing Story

    When writing a creative writing story, focus on the the setting, the characters, the action and the conflict. Write a creative writing story with tips from a writing instructor in… Read More

  • How to Make a Dinosaur Diorama

    Make a dinosaur diorama by decorating a shoe box with magazine pictures, dirt and rocks to create the landscape. Create a dinosaur diorama with tips from a writing instructor in… Read More

  • How to Write a Newspaper Article

    When writing a newspaper article, gather facts and get quotes from direct sources to strengthen the credibility of the story. Write a newspaper article with tips from a writing instructor… Read More

  • How to Write a Case Study

    When writing a case study, be sure to use a title that will draw the reader in and explain what the case is about. Write a case study with tips… Read More

  • How to Help a Young Child Begin to Write

    Help young children begin to write by encouraging their writing and responding to it the way that is intended by them. Encourage a child to write with tips from a… Read More

  • Types of Teaching Aids

    Teaching aids that are useful for teaching science include microscopes, pipe cleaners and food coloring. Use teaching aids to keep students interested in science with help from a science teacher… Read More

  • Science Fair Project Ideas

    When choosing a science fair project, it's important to choose a project that can be followed through with and that is of personal interest. Discover ideas for science fair projects… Read More

  • Motivating Kids to Do Well in School

    A big step in motivating kids to do well in school is to put an emphasis on autonomy and the child's personal experience. Learn how to make school less of… Read More

  • How to Make a Research Paper Outline

    To make a research paper outline, start with a main idea, list details about the idea underneath, and put supporting details below that. Use standard Roman numerals, letters and numbers… Read More

  • How to Use Prepositions

    Prepositions are used to show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in a sentence. Use prepositions as an important part of showing relationships in the English… Read More

  • How to Teach English

    Teaching English requires including writing opportunities for students, teaching grammar and usage rules and making sure students have discussion opportunities. Allow English students the opportunity to learn about group conversation… Read More

  • How to Convert Units of Measurement

    In order to convert units of measurements, it's helpful to be familiar with a variety of conversion rates. Find out why it's important to know that 1 centimeter has 10… Read More

  • How Can I Improve My Study Habits?

    To improve study habits, take detailed notes during class, organize and transcribe the notes into a separate notebook and do a manageable amount of homework and studying every day. Become… Read More

  • How to Improve Reading Speed

    Improving reading speed requires changing the way you scan the page, memorizing certain words by site and grouping common phrases together. Continue reading consistently to improve reading rate with advice… Read More

  • How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

    Motivation from homework can come from changing your perspective on the task, viewing it has building blocks to a more knowledgeable self and adding a positive and interesting spin on… Read More

  • Disadvantages of Computers in the Classroom

    The disadvantages of computers in the classroom include the fact that many teachers are ill-equipped to use it as a teaching tool, the Internet can pose harmful material to students,… Read More

  • What is Mentoring?

    A mentor is an individual who provides social, emotional and academic support, offers guidance and who generally has more experience in a particular field. Understand how mentoring affects young students… Read More

  • How to Make a Glossary

    Making a glossary is helpful both to define confusing words as well as to provide a pronunciation key to help young readers sound out difficult words. Keep a running log… Read More

  • How to Give a Great Presentation

    The key to giving a great presentation is being comfortable, knowing the material well and including any kind of visual aid to add interest. Connect with the audience on a… Read More

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