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  • Interesting Topics in Biological Psychology

    In a discipline that revolves around the biological functions of the mind, that traces the roots of perception and the physical mechanisms of human behavior, questions are bound to arise.… Read More

  • Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

    Persuasion and manipulation are both methods of persuading people to do something for you or change their thinking to match yours. However, they follow very different styles -- persuasion does… Read More

  • How to Cite a Press Release in MLA Format

    The MLA manual doesn't provide instructions on citing a press release, so it's advisable to use the general principle from the MLA manual, which follows the order of author, title… Read More

  • How to Cite the APA Manual in APA Format

    When citing the APA manual, the author being referenced is a corporate author, called the American Psychological Association. Learn about citing the edition of an APA manual with help from… Read More

  • How Do You Cite a Dictionary in APA Format?

    When citing a dictionary in APA format, the authors are usually left off because dictionaries are typically written by multiple people. Find out how to clarify locations of publishers with… Read More

  • How to Cite an Interview in APA Style

    The basic form for an APA citation starts with the author, date and title, and is followed by a publisher if one is listed. Learn about using exact dates when… Read More

  • How to Create a Life Plan

    Creating a life plan helps you to take a more active role in the direction of your life. By clearly stating your goals, objectives and priorities, you can make decisions… Read More

  • Teaching English in Prague

    Before teaching English in Prague, a person must first look into the various programs needed to become certified to teach English as a foreign language. Get a work visa before… Read More

  • Identifying 1st Edition Books

    First edition books are identified differently from publisher to publisher and can be checked by looking at the cover, the copyright page or a book seller's resource. Discover how to… Read More

  • How to Write a Training Plan

    A training plan consists of objectives that are broken down into end goals and subgoals, or objectives. Make a list of objectives and goals with tips from a writing instructor… Read More

  • Ordering Scholastic Books

    Scholastic book clubs are broken into groups, and each dollar spent when ordering these books results in points toward a free book. Order school books at a good price with… Read More

  • How to Write a Nursing Resume

    A nursing resume should have a clear objective, contact information and list licenses, certifications, training and education. Write a nursing resume and include information on experience with tips from a… Read More

  • Writing Fractions in Words

    When writing fractions in words, write it exactly as it would be read if it were being read as a number. Write fractions that have large denominators with tips from… Read More

  • What Does a Research Paper Look Like?

    When writing a college research paper, use 12-point type, double spacing and use a readable font. Write a college research paper that has all citations in order with tips from… Read More

  • Tips on How to Write a College Paper

    When writing a college paper, read the assignment carefully, find something that's interesting about the assignment, and do more research than seems necessary. Write a college research paper or essay… Read More

  • How to Write MLA Essay Papers

    When writing an MLA essay paper, know that the MLA, or Modern Language Association, publishes a book about proper formats for a research paper. Write an MLA essay paper and… Read More

  • How to Write Footnotes in MLA Style

    Writing a footnote in MLA style is useful for expressing an idea that isn't part of the main line of argument. Make sure footnotes are relevant with tips from an… Read More

  • How to Write an APA Style Paper

    When writing a college research paper in the style of APA, or American Psychological Association, a reference book is useful in staying true to the rules. Write a paper in… Read More

  • Writing Craft Articles for Children

    Write and break down an arts and crafts project for children by explaining what tools will be used, while writing the article in language that children will easily understand. Learn… Read More

  • Starting a Mother-Daughter Book Group

    Start a mother-daughter book group to share and communicate the desire and love of reading with your child. Spend precious time with a loved one conversing and learning about books… Read More

  • Finding Ideas for a Children's Magazine Article

    Find ideas for a children's magazine article by conversing with children and reading children's books. Learn to find ideas for a children's magazine article by using various sources with tips… Read More

  • How to Write an Elegy

    An elegy is a poem attributed to the death of someone that expresses the sadness of their passing. Write an elegy that discusses the broad sense of life and death… Read More

  • How to Write a Family Christmas Letter

    Christmas letters describe and illustrate the adventures of the year and are usually written to keep in touch with old friends and family members. Write a Christmas letter that illustrates… Read More

  • How to Write a Letter to the Editor

    When writing a letter to the editor, choose a passionate topic and make a clear argument that contains important and valuable information in the first paragraph. Write a letter to… Read More

  • How to Format a Character Page in a Play

    A character page in a play script is where the playwright discusses the setting and cast of characters. When formatting a character page, make sure it is not too long.… Read More

  • How to Format a Play Script

    There are many ways to format a play script, but remember that characters and stage directions should be consistent throughout the play. Learn more about formating a play script with… Read More

  • How to Write in Third Person

    To write in third person, observe the person from an outside viewpoint by using pronouns or names. Find out how to write in third person with tips from a English… Read More

  • How to Write Fantasy

    Before writing a fantasy, determine the specific rules, length and theme of the story. Learn how to write a fantasy with tips from a English professor in this free instructional… Read More

  • How to Write a Short Story

    To write a short story, pick three or four characters, narrow the scope of the plot and create a solid conclusion that contains a moral. Discover more about how to… Read More

  • How to Write a Sonnet

    Sonnets are 12-line adoration poems that rhyme every other line, and the first step to writing a sonnet is to find a passionate subject. Find out more about how to… Read More

  • Writing Techniques for Novels

    Novel writing techniques vary from writer to writer, but outlines are typically helpful, as are revision sessions of large bodies of work. Discover a personal writing process that gets the… Read More

  • Publishing Advice for Writers

    Writers who seek to be published need to remain professional when submitting work, take rejection well, as it is inevitable, and keep records of where work as been submitted. Get… Read More

  • How to Write a Romantic Love Poem

    Writing a romantic love poem requires being honest, first and foremost, but also creative in how the love is compared to objects, ideas and feelings. Express love in a poem,… Read More

  • How to Write a Novel

    Writing a novel requires reading a variety of other novels, having a great deal of persistence to keep writing all the time and knowledge of the characters, inside and out.… Read More

  • How to Write a Book or Story

    When writing a book or story, first determine the reason for writing it, and then stay committed to writing every day to establish the exposition, complication, climax and resolution of… Read More

  • How to Identify Narrative Style in Literature

    Narrative style in literature refers to the storyteller or the narrator in a piece of writing, whether it be first, second or third person, omniscient or otherwise. Identify the narrative… Read More

  • How to Identify a Short Story Theme

    Identifying a short story theme requires figuring out whose story it is, how someone achieves the overall goal and what the moral undertones of the story are. Decipher a short… Read More

  • How to Generate Short Story Ideas

    Short story ideas are generated from the idea of a central character trying to solve a problem and encountering change of some sort; they also include a clear beginning, middle… Read More

  • How to Analyze a Poem

    Analyzing a poem requires paying attention to the form, if applicable, the story line and how it changes, the language and the word choices. Dissect a piece of poetry, looking… Read More

  • How to Write a Good Fantasy Book

    A good fantasy book is specific and requires a great deal of research and planning, such as deciding on the world and characters of the novel. Write a good fantasy… Read More

  • How to Do Bubble Writing

    Bubble writing is a way of doing diagrams for writing papers or for brainstorming and creating a visual of what will be a more elaborate piece of writing. Do bubble… Read More

  • How to Write a Romantic Poem for a Guy

    Before writing a romantic poem, think about the qualities of the guy you're writing the poem for, and make sure the words are sincere. Write a romantic poem for a… Read More

  • How to Write a Romantic Dinner Invitation to Your Husband

    When writing a romantic dinner invitation, be silly, make it fun and try to hide to invitation so it's a surprise. Write a romantic, yet playful dinner invitation to your… Read More

  • What to Do at a Book Club Meeting

    Before going to a book club meeting, be sure to read the book and be prepared to participate in a discussion about the book. Discover what book clubs do, and… Read More

  • Writing Self-Appraisals

    A self-appraisal should be honest, it should follow the company's format and it should be specific. Write a self-appraisal that presents new ideas with tips from a playwright in this… Read More

  • Where to Order Books

    Books can be ordered from bookstores, independent publishers, through the author or through Web sites like amazon.com. Find out where to order books at varying prices with tips from a… Read More

  • How to Write an Agreement

    Writing an agreement, whether it be for a loan or a sale, requires exact terms to be written down and copies to be made. Write an agreement with tips on… Read More

  • Finding Books by Quotes

    In order to find a book by a quote, call a library and ask a librarian, check a book of quotations or look online. Locate a book if only a… Read More

  • How to Write a Parody Poem

    A parody poem makes fun of other poems, but is still written as well as a poem with serious intentions. Write a parody poem that exposes flaws of other poems… Read More

  • How to Write a Sitcom

    A sitcom, or situational comedy, starts off with a place and a premise that contains certain archetypal characters. Write a sitcom alongside other people with tips on playing to a… Read More

  • How to Write a Good CV

    A good CV, or curriculum vitae, is thorough and includes every experience that may help an employer decide to offer a job. Compile a list of publications before writing a… Read More

  • How to Write a Budget for a Grant

    A good grant proposal will go into detail about the money that is being requested for a particular budget. Write a budget narrative to go with a spreadsheet with tips… Read More

  • How to Teach Beginner's Cursive Writing

    Beginner's cursive writing should be taught by first associating letters that are similar in both cursive and print form. Emphasize pen direction when teaching cursive handwriting with tips from a… Read More

  • How to Teach Handwriting

    Handwriting requires fine motor skills, and should be taught to kids between the ages of three and a half and five. Prepare children for handwriting with other fine motor skills… Read More

  • How to Teach Longhand Writing

    Teaching kids longhand writing is the result of a series of developmental steps in which kids are able to do smaller, finer tasks. Show kids the fine motor skill of… Read More

  • How to Teach Intensive Phonics

    Phonics is learning the sounds of letters and the sounds that they make when combined with other letters. When teaching phonics, spend a lot of time on a letter until… Read More

  • How to Start an Online Book Club

    Online book clubs can be started with a tool like Yahoo! groups or Google groups, which are run by a moderator who makes decisions about the group's specifics. Promote an… Read More

  • How to Submit a Children's Book to Random House Publishing

    When planning to submit children's books to Random House, it's important to know that many publishers don't accept unsolicited submissions. Join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators with… Read More

  • Teaching Map Skills to Children

    When teaching kids about maps, first teach them about locations and make connections with world events. Show children how to make maps with tips from a former classroom teacher in… Read More

  • Teaching Kids to Identify Emotions

    The best way to ensure that kids can identify emotions is by teaching kids a large vocabulary of feeling words. Teach kids to connect a feeling with labels by following… Read More

  • How to Write a Greeting Card

    The first step in writing greeting cards is to find the greeting card publishers that work with freelance authors. Write a pleasant greeting card that sums up a concrete, positive… Read More

  • How to Write a Campaign Speech

    When writing a campaign speech, make sure to get the audience's attention, connect to an important issue and provide support for points being made. Write a campaign speech that is… Read More

  • How to Write a Good Article Summary

    A good article summary has a first sentence that encapsulates the article, examples referencing earlier points, and finally a call to action. Write an article summary that helps to put… Read More

  • How to Teach Kids About the History of the American Flag

    Teaching kids about the American flag can be tied in with a study of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and Betsy Ross. Explain to students why the American… Read More

  • How to Write a Fan Letter

    A fan letter should be written in proper letter format, should include reasons why the letter is being written and should have proper language. Write a fan letter to practice… Read More

  • How to Write a Research Paper

    Writing a research paper involves many steps, such as choosing a topic, researching the topic, organizing information about the topic and outlining a first draft of the research paper. Incorporate… Read More

  • How to Write a Conclusion or Discussion Section for a Lab Report

    When writing the conclusion section of a lab report, discuss what was learned, the actual results and any relevant observations. Interpret lab results so that the introduction and conclusion match… Read More

  • Writing an E-Book

    An e-book is a book that is only available in an electronic format, and when writing an e-book, keep in mind the prospective audience. Use e-book software to publish the… Read More

  • Writing a Story in the 3rd Person

    When writing a story in third person, tell the story from the prospective of a narrator, and design events around the narration. Write stories in third personal by identifying who… Read More

  • Writing a Resume

    To write a resume, include personal contact information, an objective statement, specific skills for the job and lists of past employment, education and awards. Make a stellar resume by adding… Read More

  • What Qualifications Does a Grant Writer Need?

    Qualifications for a grant writer include experience, involvement with organizations and some sort of education. Become a qualified grant writer using tips in this free video from a certified writing… Read More

  • What Level of Education Is Needed to Be a Grant Writer?

    To be a grant writer, the level of education differs with the organizations that are being represented; however, almost all grant writers have professional experience in writing. Find out how… Read More

  • Tips on Writing an Autobiography

    Some tips to write a successful autobiography include focusing on big events, leaving out small details and using a peer review process. Find out more about the process of writing… Read More

  • Steps to Writing a Novel

    When writing a novel, follow these steps: develop the events, characters, climax and resolution of the story. Begin writing a novel by understanding the composting phase with the help of… Read More

  • Steps to Writing a Book

    There are many steps when writing a book, such as finding the topic, researching the topic, formatting an outline and writing individual chapters. By following these steps write a book… Read More

  • Salary For a Grant Writer

    The salary of a grant writer varies depending on the geographic area, level of experience and work schedule; however, the median salary is $49,000 a year. Discover ways to increase… Read More

  • Hints on Writing Resumes

    Some hints for writing resumes include using new formats, referencing specific skills, listing past jobs, describing educational experiences and thoroughly proofreading the document. Include references and referrals when writing a… Read More

  • Writing an Autobiography

    To write an autobiography, focus on major life milestones and then make connections among the milestones to create an entertaining and cohesive story. Learn to write an autobiography based on… Read More

  • What to Write in a Birthday Card

    When writing in a birthday card, be sure to wish them a happy birthday, send best wishes for the upcoming year, express personal emotions and include the date. Write an… Read More

  • Writing a Convincing Business Plan

    When writing a convincing business plan, focus on developing an executive summary, a desired type of customer, personal strategies, financial projections and the possible risks. Lastly, include the calculated returns… Read More

  • Start a Grant Proposal Writing Business

    To start a grant proposal writing business, join organizations, such as the Association of Fun Raising Professionals, to start networking, make a Web site and use clients as a reference.… Read More

  • Journaling With a Child

    Journaling with a child exposes them to the art of writing at an early age, and it encourages personal expression. Journal with a son or daughter with tips from a… Read More

  • How to Write a Babysitting Contract

    A babysitting contract is includes the hourly or weekly rate, outlines benefits for the babysitter and a description of the expected job. Write a babysitting contract with tips from a… Read More

  • What Is a Ghostwriter?

    A ghostwriter is generally a supporting writer who might provide editing, a single section of a book or a translation of a novel to a script. Discover the job of… Read More

  • What Is the Job of a Copywriter?

    A copywriter's job comprises of writing text for ads, websites and other published forms. Learn about a copywriter's job with tips from a writing instructor in this free video series… Read More

  • How to Write a Request for a Donation Letter

    Writing a request for a donation letter requires a detailed description of the organization, benefits the donor will receive and a statement of appreciation. Write a request for a donation… Read More

  • How to Write a Freelance Writer's Invoice

    Writing a freelance writer's invoice should include the writer's name, address and contact information as well as a description of the work completed and a detailed breakdown of the cost.… Read More

  • How to Write a Character Reference

    Writing a character reference is an honor that includes specific examples of respectful and admirable characteristics, and it should be written with the utmost attention to grammar, spelling and details.… Read More

  • How to Write Graduation Thank You Notes

    Writing graduation thank you notes includes a statement of appreciation, gratitude for a gift and an elaboration on future endeavors. Write graduation thank you notes with tips from a writing… Read More

  • How to Write Wedding Shower Thank You Notes

    Writing wedding shower thank you notes includes expressing gratitude for their attendance, thanking them for a shower gift and an elaboration on the significance of their presence. Write wedding shower… Read More

  • How to Write Birthday Thank You Notes

    Writing birthday thank you notes includes expressing gratitude for attending the party, appreciation for the gift and a sincere closing that is personal to the recipient. Write birthday thank you… Read More

  • How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Notes

    Writing baby shower thank you notes includes a statement of appreciation for the shower gift, gratitude for their attendance and a sincere closing sentence. Write a baby shower thank you… Read More

  • How to Write a Condolence Letter

    Writing a condolence letter includes a paragraph expressing sorrow for the recipient's loss, a statement expressing willingness to help in any way and a sensitive closing. Write a condolence letter… Read More

  • How to Write a Complaint Letter

    Writing a complaint letter is most effective when taking a creative approach to expose a viewpoint, using proper spelling a grammar to establish credibility and closing the letter politely and… Read More

  • How to Write an Interesting Letter

    Writing an interesting letter usually includes an unexpected anecdote, questions about the recipient and a request for a response. Write an interesting letter with tips from a writing instructor in… Read More

  • How to Write a Release to Allow Someone Else to Authorize Medical Care for Your Child

    Writing a release to allow someone else to authorize medical care for your child must include detailed information about the parents, the child and the individual caring for the child.… Read More

  • How to Write a Birth Announcement

    Writing a birth announcement begins with stating the parents' and any siblings' names and including the weight, height and time of birth of the newborn. Write a birth announcement with… Read More

  • How to Write a Thank You Note

    Writing a thank you note includes a statement of appreciation and gratitude, an elaboration on the gift, favor or act of kindness and a simple closing before signing it. Write… Read More

  • How to Make an Excuse Letter

    Signing a name cordially helps the recipient of an excuse letter understand that the letter is coming form a living person. Make an excuse letter with tips from a produced… Read More

  • How to Pronounce English Words & Silent Letters in Words

    Pronunciation can be difficult in English because of all of the words that have silent letters. Pronounce silent letters in English words with tips from a produced playwright in this… Read More

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