How Often Should an Infant Have a Tub Bath?

  1. A Few Times a Week Is Enough

    • After your baby's umbilical cord has healed, he is ready to graduate to regular tub baths. Until your baby is a year old, baths two or three days a week will be enough. Too much bathing can dry out your baby's skin.

    Keep Baby Clean Between Baths

    • While tub bathing your baby two to three days a week should be enough in the early months of life, make sure that you are carefully wiping your baby after each diaper change and cleaning her face after eating. Keeping your baby clean between tub baths will keep her healthy.

    Bottom Line

    • "Many parents and babies love bath time but there is no evidence that suggests babies must have a daily bath," say the experts at BabyCentre. A few gentle baths in a warm tub a week will be enough for your baby.

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