How Many Hours Should I Wear Compression Hose?

  1. Around the Clock

    • Patients who have just had sclerotherapy surgery--a procedure that removes unwanted varicose or spider veins in the legs--are usually instructed by their doctor to wear compression hose around the clock for the first three to four days after surgery.

    Waking Hours Only

    • Patients who use compression hose as a relief for aching legs that result from excess time standing or sitting, or even for more severe problems such as leg swelling or venous diseases, will typically need to wear compression hose during any hours that they are awake and active. This number will vary for each person.

    Bottom Line

    • Compression hose should always be worn according to medical recommendations. First-time compression hose users can begin wearing the hose gradually: A couple of hours the first day, with a slow increase in hours each day "until you can wear them comfortably throughout the day while you are up and about", according to New York University's Langone Vein Center.

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